Homosexuality, Evangelicals, and Avoiding Hypocrisy in Sin Hatred

Hate your sin. Hate it. Exorcise your own heart; evangelize your affections. This is a good message. For some reason these last few years, we have had a bit of a debate about the phrase “hate the sin, not the sinner”. In regards to the Lord, we understand both that the Lord hates the sin and in some sense the sinner (Psalm 5, for example). That, however, doesn’t seem to be our problem as Christians.

Practically speaking, our problem seems to be hating the sins of others. I’d like to point you to an article by Rebecca Hamilton entitled “Marriage is a Mess and Homosexuals Didn’t Do It” on Patheos. Mrs. Hamilton points out the all-too-obvious fact that it is many heterosexual who have ruined the sanctity of marriage (which is the attack being lobbied against homosexuals as they fight for legal gay marriage).
She writes:

“…marriage has been a mess for quite some time. And homosexuals weren’t the ones who messed it up…Homosexuals didn’t set off the epidemic of divorce in this country. Homosexuals didn’t create the millions of feral children who spend most of their time alone, raising themselves on video games, drugs and interactions with their peers. Homosexuals don’t cheat on our spouses. Homosexuals don’t break into our homes and yell and curse at our families. They aren’t the cause of the rising number of unwed births and the global pandemic of abortion. We did these things. Marriage is a mess and it was heterosexuals who messed it up.”
If you read the article, you’ll see quite clearly that Mrs. Hamilton is not a supporter of same-sex marriage. On the contrary, she’s a Catholic who stands against just that! And yet the fact remains: Evangelicals have passionately and strongly (also, might I add, rightly) fought against same-sex marriage laws in states all over America. Sometimes I have wondered about how this has played out though. I wondered aloud to the pastor who I was with on the now infamous Chick-Fil-A Day how many people were in such a long line to support CFA’s rights, or how many of the people just hated gay people? Wouldn’t we be better served to buy a gay person lunch and share the gospel of Jesus Christ with them? Certainly, this is not an either/or question. We must labor both for the morals that our Lord Jesus Christ is for as well as for the souls he died for. I am only wondering why it is that so many want to save the sanctity of marriage but sit back in cowardice as friends and family divorce all around them because “it didn’t work out” or “we just didn’t love each other any more”. Justify those reasons Biblically.

Tonight, Burk Parsons tweeted the following:

We usually criticize others for the very things we’re most guilty of.
9/29/12 9:03 PM

Now, I don’t want to even get close to implying that people who went to Chick-Fil-A all went due to the fact that they have some sort of gay fantasy they are trying to repress. That would be absurd and illigocal. However, I have found it true in my own life that the things I dislike most about myself (arrogance, selfishness, laziness, self-righteousness) are also the things I tend to hate the most in others.

I responded:

@BurkParsons We are told to hate our sin. So we put the emphasis on the word ‘sin’ and hate it in others, forgetting we are to hate ‘OURS’.
9/29/12 9:04 PM

I assure you, I don’t mean to say that we should never be against the actions of others. It is true that as evangelical Christians, we ought to fight for the sanctity of marriage. Still, that fight should begin around our own kitchen tables, in our own bedrooms. Evangelicals should fight abortion with all our might. Still, perhaps we ought to deal with all of the orphans in our country simultaneously so that pro-choice folks have no ground whatsoever when they argue a non-aborted child would have a low quality of life. We are not called to ignore the speck in our neighbor’s eye. We are called to remove the plank in ours first. Let’s get some tweezers.

P.S. Here’s Ed Stetzer on Christian divorce stats.

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