Major Resource List for Growing In Christ

If you know me at all, you know that I like Twitter. Many use Twitter for crowdsourcing, sharing, communication, or mass comm. I use it for all of the above. The most valuable function of Twitter for me, however, is collecting resources. In my 4 years using twitter I have become familiar with many great pastors, teachers, and speakers. In “following” them on twitter, I have collected (“favorited”) many resources that I hope will be valuable for my ministry. These led me to other resources and on and on it went with me collected resources from all over the web in the past few years.

One person that knows me very well is my former college pastor Trace Hamiter. Trace asked me recently (because he knows everything about me discussed above) to compile for him a list of resources that would inform, educate, and edify the students in our college ministry on a wide breadth of issues. I was happy to oblige. Three hours and thirteen pages later and I was finished! He recently sent out some of the list, so I decided it was safe to go ahead and share it here in it’s entirety. I hope you are built up into Christ by some of the resources listed below.

Guide to this list:
There are various types of articles, sermons, lectures, and blogs on this list.

  •  Many of the blogs may not give you an outright answer to a question but intstead will show you “how” to think biblically. It is a good thing to learn to think biblically about our lives and the world. As you read, notice how the authors in those pieces are thinking and why.
  •  Some here is meant to be direct guides to how to live a godly life.
  • Some of this is meant to challenge your thinking.
  • Yes, I list a lot of resources from a lot of the same people. God has used many of these people to grow me. It isn’t that they’re “idols” or my “celebrity crushes”, it’s just that God has put them into my life.
  • There aren’t too many books. The list would be absurdly long if I started listing books. If a book is listed, it’s short/cheap and helpful. If you’d like a book recommendation, comment and I’ll give you one. Or ten.
  • Every thing highlighted in yellow is my highest recommendation/ the one you should definitely read or listen to.
  • Do not be afraid to invest time. There are some resources on here, like the Systematic Theology courses, that take weeks or months. God will honor that investment, just be willing to take the time.

Any given day look at’s A La Carte. Always great articles/blogs!
DO THIS: What stirs/deters your affections for Christ?
SERMON: Youth by Matt Chandler
BOOK: Note To Self by Joe Thorn
ARTICLE: The Expulsive Power of a New Affection by Thomas Chalmers
BLOG: The ‘Religious People’ Boogeyman by Jared C. Wilson
BLOG: How To Do Scripture Memory by Griffin Gulledge (ft. Trace ‘lil T’ Hamiter)
PAPER: Tim Keller on Forgiveness and Reconciliation
SERMON: Diving Sovereignty, The Fuel for Death Defying Missions
VIDEO: The Gospel Presentation
VIDEO: The Story of God by Matt Papa (spoken word)
BLOG: Loving People, Not Just Arguing with them
VIDEO: The Gospel for Muslims by J.D. GREEAR
The Christian Life
BOOK: Humility by CJ Mahaney
SERMON: How the Kingdom of Christ Reshapes Your Mission by Russell Moore
SERMON SERIES: The Path to Sanctification by Matt Chandler (highest recommendation)
SERMON: The Shepherd and His Unregenerate Sheep (on Godly churches)
BOOK: The Hole In Our Holiness by Kevin DeYoung
BLOG: 50 fruits of pride
BLOG: On Piety by Owen Strachan
What Is The Gospel?
ARTICLE: What Is the Gospel? by Justin Holcomb
SERMON: The Scandal of the Gospel (Isaiah 53) by David Platt
BOOK: What Is the Gospel? By Greg Gilbert
BOOK: The World-Tilting Gospel by Dan Phillips
VIDEO: Jesus Died For Me (Warning: You may cry)
SERMON VIDEO: The Great Exchange by RC Sproul
QUICK READ: Justified: Just As If I’d Always… by Jared C. Wilson

Lust: Fornication, Pornography, and Homosexuality
ARTICLE: Fornicating On The Battlefied
SERMON: Moral Purity In Your Marriage by Russell Moore (for those preparing for marriage or fighting sexual sin)
BLOG:  On Homosexuality: It’s OK To Fight
BLOG: A Prayer for Loving and Serving Those Fighting Pornography by Scotty Ward Smith
SERMON: Doing Missions When Dying Is Gain by John Piper
SERMON: Diving Sovereignty, The Fuel for Death Defying Missions
SERMON: The Gospel and Christian Mission by Zane Pratt
SHORT VIDEO: Paul Washer on Young Men and Missions

BLOG: Questions to Ask by John Piper
BOOK : What He Must Be… by Voddie Baucham
BLOG: Notes on Dating for Guys by Brandon Anderson

Who Is God?
BOOK: Your Jesus Is Too Safe by Jared C. Wilson
BOOK: Knowledge of the Holy by A.W. Tozer
BLOG: Writing That Exults
SERMON: The Glory of the Groan by Robert Smith, Jr. (may be different than what you’re used to. Stick with it.)
Book: A Hunger For God by John Piper
BLOG: Can I Pray to Jesus?
Spiritual Disciplines
RESOURCES: Everything you need from Don Whitney
BLOG:Learning Self-Discipline by John MacArthur
PDF: Biblical Productivity by CJ Mahaney

The Bible or Bible Reading
ARTICLE: This Morning I Heard The Voice of God by John Piper
BOOK (that will teach you the entire Bible and how to interpret it) by Dr. Jim Hamilton: God’s Glory In Salvation Through Judgment (will take all semester)
BOOK: Magnifying God In Christ: A Summary of New Testament Theology by Tom Schreiner
SERMON: Studying the Scriptures and Finding Jesus by R. Albert Mohler
BLOG: On Christ In the Old Testament
SERMON: David and Goliath by JR Vassar
BLOG: Sweep of the Bible in 2 weeks

SERMON: The Holy-Spirit Empowered Ministry by Eric Mason
ARTICLE: How To Listen To a Sermon by George Whitefield
BLOG: On Gospel-Centered by Joe Thorn
BOOK: A God Sized Vision: Revival Stories That Stretch and Stir by Collin Hansen
WEBSITE: Multiply by David Platt and Francis Chan


SERMON: Did Jesus Preach Paul’s Gospel by John Piper

BOOK: Doctrine by Mark Driscoll
LECTURES: New Testament Theology by Frank Thielman
LECTURES: Old Testament Survey by Douglas Stuart
LECTURES: Systematic Theology I by Bruce Ware
LECTURES: Systematic Theology II by Bruce Ware
BOOK: Handbook On the New Testament Use of the Old Testament (easily the most complex but possibly most useful thing on this list)
ARTICLE: Good Things Gone Bad
Manhood and Womanhood by Russell Moore
DATING: Put Your Hope In God
BLOG: Eating Disorders and the Power of Christ
BLOG: Christians and Alcohol
POSITION PAPERS by The Village Church
SERMON: Leonce Crump on Racial Reconciliation
BOOK: Killing Calvinism (a book from a Calvinist to Calvinists about how young Calvinists can ruin everyone around them with their snark and aggression. If you’re considering Calvinism, you should read this.)
LECTURES: In Defense of A Designer and Sexual Ethics by Doug Wilson
VIDEO: Theological Imperialism and the Black Community
BLOG: Harry Potter and Jesus
BLOG: Failure Is Not An Option (on failure and the gospel) by Collin Hansen

SERMON: The Snare of Compare by Carolyn Mahaney
SERMON: Word Based Ministry to Women by Nancy Guthrie
SERMON: Counsel From the Cross by Elyse Fitzpatrick
SERMON SERIES: The Image and Glory of God by Matt Chandler
Stirring Your Affections for Jesus by Matt Chandler
VIDEO: Lecrae and Trip Lee Interview:

I hope this helped. Be blessed!

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