Googling Well

Confession: I am bad at Google. I actually just learned this today. As it turns out, I’m terrible at it. Here’s an example of how I generally search. Let’s say I’m searching for something like “Matt Chandler sermon typography”, which I do pretty regularly when I’m browsing. (Don’t judge; there are worse things I could be searching for). Generally I would search for that like this:

Matt Chandler sermon clip gospel Jesus


Chandler sermon typography desiring god John Piper

Basically, I search by tags (which is not the way to do it). As it turns out, this works for about 3 weeks. What happens if through my random internet stumbling I find a specific video on the interwebs and like it but don’t save it? What then? How can I find it again? Well, I’m not going to hash that out (because I don’t have a specific example) ,but this would probably help.

 Click to enlarge.

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