Ee-Taow: A Stirring Story of Gospel Advance

I can hardly think of a more discouraging time in the church, our nation, or our world. Unity seems like a naive wish in each. You get the sense that the world is falling apart at the seams. What are Christians to do? Take up arms (metaphorically)? Fight one another? Give in to fear or despair?

No way. I was reminded tonight of a video that I have seen before, but which never fails to stir my affections for Christ. It’s the video “Ee-Taow”.

Here’s how it’s described by the organization that owns it, Ethnos360: Your heart will rejoice as you witness the Mouk tribe of Papua New Guinea respond dramatically to the Gospel. You’ll follow their story from murderous sorcery and deceit, to a life-changing understanding of what God has done for them. This is a powerful story of God’s Word, presented clearly and chronologically in their own language, breaking through the darkness that held the Mouks in bondage.

In such a difficult time in the world, Ee-Taow has reminded me of the mission of Christ and the urgency of eternity. I am reminded of the ultimate fight worth giving our lives for is the fight against sin and Satan, the fight to win the world to the salvation that is found in Christ. I hope that this bolsters you love for Christ and his mission as well. If, like me, you’ve grown weary then I hope you will be reinvigorated by this video. I would encourage you to introduce this video to your family, your church, and your friends. Now is a good time to be reminded of the work God is doing in the world.

Don’t miss this follow-up video on the next chapter for the Ee-Taow after this stirring original documentary.

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