A Simple “Don’t Enter Ministry If….”

Kevin Hart talks to Conan about rent money and Bible reading. It’s a funny story, but the conclusion is pretty sad. Don’t enter ministry if you never want to deal with people like Kevin Hart. A lot of people will want our time, our generosity, and our love without ever desiring to know our God or His word. If we don’t have the heart to patiently and prayerfully bear with people with this kind of attitude, we don’t need to be pastors.


1 Is Too Many – America’s Sexual Assault Problem

The Good Fight

America is in a difficult position when it comes to sexual morality. From a divorce culture that celebrates promiscuity and adultery, no-strings-attached sex recommended nationwide as long as “protection” is used, and every form of sexual deviancy that is not just ignored but applauded, it’s clear we have a problem.

One of those problems is sexual assault.

President Obama and I disagree on a laundry list of issues dealing with sexual ethics, but we agree on this: sexual assualt is evil and it has to end.

We all play a part in ending this sex-on-demand attitude that leads to rape, abuse, sexual assault, and violence.

I am thankful for President Obama’s leadership on this issue.


Sexual Assault and Porn

I hope that President Obama will address one of the major contributing factors of sexual assault: pornography.

How pervasive is pornography? How serious is this problem?



Research show that pornography has terrible effects on its viewers (See research).

Not only that, Pornography is a major contributor to sexual violence in America and the world. (See research)


Is anyone fighting this?

I’m really thankful for one group working on this called Unearthed Pictures.

What is Unearthed? Here’s their mission:

Our heartbeat is to see the hearts of men changed – and we want that change to result in a systemic shift in the landscape of sexual exploitation. Join the groundswell of men committed to killing sexual exploitation at its root.

Watch the video below for more information on what contributes to ‘rape culture’, what the demand for sexual assault leads to, and what we can do as Christians.


Groundswell from Unearthed on Vimeo.


See more and get educated at and

Also see, The Pornified Mind and the Gospel by Lore Ferguson.

Above all, pray to God to end this great evil in the hearts of men and women, as well as through legislative efforts worldwide.




Inerrancy Panel at MWBTS | President Jason Allen hosts SWBTS President Paige Patterson and Judge Paul Pressler

As a young Southern Baptist seminarian, I really benefited from MWBTS President Jason Allen’s recent conversation with SWBTS President Paige Patterson and Conservative Resurgence leader Judge Paul Pressler. At the end of the day, our faith’s orthodoxy will rise and fall with our faith in the Bible as the true, inerrant word of God. We owe a great debt of gratitude to these men and ought to listen to their story.

Of particular importance to me was the discussion on Adrian Rogers. In the Southern Baptist Convention today, it’s clear that we don’t agree on everything but I think we can agree on this: standing in uniform agreement upon the authority of Scripture, the SBC is better today because of the work of men and women like Adrian Rogers. Dr. Patterson is right. To be known as a man of God is the highest honor. Adrian Rogers was such a man.

So, without further adieu, enjoy this video with 2 SBC heroes (also featuring a less than conspicuous hat/jacket combo I couldn’t stop looking at — sorry, had to!).


<p><a href=”″>Inerrancy Panel Discussion with Judge Paul Pressler and Dr. Paige Patterson</a> from <a href=””>MBTS</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>