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The Miracle Maker in Jordan-Hare  | The War Eagle Reader

“…The relationship between faith and football is a funny thing, especially in Alabama. Whether it’s preachers who lose church member because they mentioned the game in a sermon, or lay people who came for Jesus and left for football, one thing is clear: faith and football dance a weird dance in this state…”

The Devil and Scalia  | Yellowhammer News

“…Supreme Court Justice Scalia shocked Jennifer Senior when he professed certain belief that there is a Devil. Sadly, her reaction, coupled with America’s sweeping decrease in belief in the Devil, suggests that he not only exists, but that he is thriving…”

When Silence Is Golden | Borrowed Light

“I have often run off at the mouth like I was giving a theological treatise. I have often told long stories about God working in my life that built myself up but didn’t build others up much at all. What hope is there for those of us who struggle like that? What can we do?”

Review: Bourgeois Babes, Bossy Wives, and Bobby Haircuts by Michael Bird  | CBMW

“…If we complementarians truly believe our position is biblically-derived and that our stance ultimately leads to the flourishing and empowering of women, then we need to guard against unnecessary restraints.[iii] As Bird rightly recognizes, “…complementarians are not deliberate oppressors of women.”…”

Palin’s Reprehensible Remark | Yellowhammer News

“…How ought Christians respond to terrorists? Baptize them. But let’s convert them first, not torture them. As one former terrorist, the Apostle Paul, said, ‘Christ did not send me to baptize but to preach the gospel (1 Cor 1:17)…'”

Four Features of a Healthy Mentoring Relationship | LifeWay Pastors

“Many veteran pastors have noticed and have seen the need to help those God is raising up. Most young ministers and seminarians I meet have spoken to me about the hunger to have a godly mentor. Often, however, the veterans go without mentees, and the young men can’t find help. It seems to me that there is really one main reason for this lack of ministry mentoring: we have no idea what this would look like…”

Dear Seminarian: The Call To Ministry | Servants of Grace

“It used to be that when men where called to the pastorate, they referred to it as the call to “gospel ministry.” I like that. I think it can only represent a loss that we no longer use that phrase. The call to ministry is the call to steward the gospel. These servants of Christ, these stewards of the mysteries of God, have one goal and one message: the gospel of Jesus.”

Sing Like Men | For The Church

“Churches today are flush with vague songs about God generally, a often-vague deity who does grandiose things and affirms us in our specialness. What we need more of, no matter what form it takes—hymn, anthem, congregational song, choral celebration, fill-in-the-blank—are songs that angels cannot sing…”

The New Food Legalism | For The Church

“Churches all over the nation have Zumba, Crossfit, jazzercise (if churches are stuck in eighties on music, they’re behind the times on this), and all other manner of fitness class. Megachurch pastors write books about dieting and health. Heck, Baptist churches who used to forbid dancing now have dance fitness classes. Priorities have changed….”

Review: Jesus Without Borders by Chad Gibbs | The Gospel Coalition

“…at times, his jokes are downright hilarious. Whether it’s his million-dollar cellular roaming charge in Spain or his gag-inducing encounter with a mouthful of herring in the Netherlands, you’re bound to laugh while reading this book. Even though I often disagreed with Gibbs, his charming style kept me reading. There’s a lot to learn from Jesus Without Borders, but I imagine everyone reading it will learn that American Christianity is often too “American” and not enough “Christian…”

Bible Reading Is An Invitation, Not A Burden | Radical: Resources from David Platt

“…Why start again? Life hasn’t gotten any less busy and no amount of willpower has succeeded so far. When we think about our Bible reading this way, we risk making Bible reading a burden instead of an invitation. So many of us act as if God sent his Son to earth to live a perfect life and die an atoning death, only to rise from the grave and wag a finger at us saying, “You’ll never be good enough for me unless you read your Bible every day!” Nothing could be further from the truth…”

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