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Fearless: Karen Swallow Prior’s Path From Pro-Life Spokeswoman to Christian Professor | Southeastern Magazine

Review: Bourgeois Babes, Bossy Wives, and Bobby Haircuts by Michael Bird  | CBMW

“…If we complementarians truly believe our position is biblically-derived and that our stance ultimately leads to the flourishing and empowering of women, then we need to guard against unnecessary restraints. As Bird rightly recognizes, “…complementarians are not deliberate oppressors of women.”…”

Michael Bird, the author of the book reviewed here, called this review “…a very gracious but not uncritical review… [with] one of the best compliments I’ve ever received.”

Dear Seminarian: The Call To Ministry | Servants of Grace

“It used to be that when men where called to the pastorate, they referred to it as the call to “gospel ministry.” I like that. I think it can only represent a loss that we no longer use that phrase. The call to ministry is the call to steward the gospel. These servants of Christ, these stewards of the mysteries of God, have one goal and one message: the gospel of Jesus.”

Ongoing Repentance and the Christian Life | Servants of Grace

“The same grace that leads to repentance is the grace that sustains us in repentance, and it is the same grace that gives us hope in the promised future. The truth is that dying daily feels like death. It has all of the hurt, all of the struggle, all of the gasping and life-rattling shudders of weakness…Somehow we have come to the conclusion that the fight against sin becomes easier as we go along in the Christian life or that it doesn’t require drastic measures…”

When Silence Is Golden | Borrowed Light

“I have often run off at the mouth like I was giving a theological treatise. I have often told long stories about God working in my life that built myself up but didn’t build others up much at all. What hope is there for those of us who struggle like that? What can we do?”