My Published Work

I’ve had the privilege to be a part of one published book to date.

ignatius image

The Apostolic Fathers Greek Readers Series assists students of Greek in reading non-biblical Koine Greek. In this volume, readers will be afforded the Greek text of the Letters of Ignatius, with  vocabulary words used less than 30 times provided. Including also an introduction and a select bibliography, readers will be oriented to the life and setting of Ignatius. As Ignatius is nearing his death as a martyr, readers will be able to learn about piety and theology from these early Christian letters. With the brief introduction, bibliography, and annotated Greek text of Ignatius, this edition of the Letters of Ignatius is an ideal resource for students of early Christianity.

I provided the work for Ignatius’ Letter to the Romans.

This book can now be purchased in a complete edition with all of the Apostolic Fathers. Purchase your copy here.