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God Answers Prayers in Only Two Ways | The Gospel Coalition

” I had been told countless times how God was sovereign over everything in the world and in my life. The message of God’s providence, however, opened my eyes to the truth: God’s love governs God’s sovereignty. His sovereignty isn’t his cold, harsh rule with no regard or feeling for man. In the doctrine of providence, we see more clearly: God meets the needs of his people, according to his love for them.”

You can also listen to a radio interview on this article from “The Ride Home with John and Kathy” radio show on 101.5 Word FM in Pittsburgh, PA.

Review: Jesus Without Borders by Chad Gibbs | The Gospel Coalition

“…at times, his jokes are downright hilarious. Whether it’s his million-dollar cellular roaming charge in Spain or his gag-inducing encounter with a mouthful of herring in the Netherlands, you’re bound to laugh while reading this book. Even though I often disagreed with Gibbs, his charming style kept me reading. There’s a lot to learn from Jesus Without Borders, but I imagine everyone reading it will learn that American Christianity is often too “American” and not enough “Christian…”