Free Music to Feed Your Soul: The Riverside Worship Project

Generally, I don’t give blanketed recommendations of albums. This album (So Sing), however, has fed my soul for some time. I remember being in the room for the release of this album and hearing that powerful sound for the first time. Not many bands could make this type of sound work. They do. It’s a very raw sound, though beautiful, with Biblical yet modern metaphors that I believe will serve the church as we learn to write new songs for the worship of God.

This band led worship at my church in college and wrote these songs for the church. A member of the band has since passed away so, it seems, this is all we may ever know of The Riverside Worship Project. Still, what a legacy! For more on the band, click here.

You can listen here and download the full album here thanks to noisetrade. Happy listening!

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